Satellite Gateway

In year 2004, while I was with UTStarcom, I had a chance to research and propose the network architecture solution - which involved in Satellite Gateway technology and GSM MSC - for a customer in Indonisia. The goal of my technical preparation is to 1) understand the ACeS GSC/TCE Capacity Issue, 2) propose the Feasible Solutions, and 3)estimate the development cost of the proposed resolutions. The proprietary contents are not shown here.

List of Contents

1. Abstract 2. References 3. Objective 4. Glossary 5. Asia Cellular Satellite (ACeS) Network 5.1 Satellite Network 5.2 Sateliite Gateway 5.3 ACeS NCC Arcitecture 5.4 ACeS Gateway 5.5 ACeS Network - MSC, GSC, TCE, OMC-R, OMC-S, ICS, NSS, GAR, NCC5.6 5.6 Traffic Channel Element (TCE) Subsystem 5.7 Gateway Station Controller (GSC) 5.8 GSM 6. ACeS Call Scenarios 6.1 MS-PSTN Call Signaling 6.2 MS-PTSN Call Bearer 6.3 MS-MS Call Signaling 6.4 MS-MS Call Bearer 7. ACeS Network/Processor Capacity 7.1 Channel Resources 7.2 Network Capacity 7.3 GSC Capacity 8. Miscellaneous 8.1 SS7 NW Components 8.2 GSM Protocol Layes and Signal 8.3 GPRS Protocol Architecture 8.4 X.25 8.5 SNMP vs. CMIP 8.6 FTAM, FTP, NFS

Below are some snapshots of the tenical package I prepared.

satellite-1 satellite-2 satellite-3 satellite-4